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Scotch Beef

Hayes Traditional Butchers guarantee that we will only sell the best quality certified Scotch Beef. All our Scotch Beef is sourced from John Scott Beef in Scotland.
We guarantee our beef is fully traceable and certified. The cattle feed on the lush grassland of the Scottish Highlands. 80% of Scotland’s grassland is ‘grass rough’ which makes it ideal for raising cattle. This rough grass helps to make scotch beef the high quality the you have come to expect of our beef.

Free Range Chicken

At Hayes Traditional Butchers we sell the same Essex reared Les Anglais chickens that television chef Gordon Ramsey serves in his restaurants. These chickens are allowed to saunter around and feed at their own pace on natural products. They grow at the pace nature intended and as their food has no additives it means they retain the very best juicy flavour and moist texture. These chickens are far better than any you will find in supermarkets.

Free Range Pork

East Yorkshire based Anna’s Happy Trotters is the supplier of Hayes Traditional Butchers free range pork. Their pigs are bred and reared in the open air and as soon as they are weaned they only feed on natural products. By using up so much energy running about, they grow slowly and are not fattened up artificially. The result is a great tasting and succulent pork that has won awards for the company and earned acclaim from celebrity chefs  Gerard Baker and Rosemary Shrager.

Balmoral Venison

Hayes Traditional Butchers only sell the highest quality venison from the Royal Estate at Balmoral. Their foraging in the rocky mountain streams and rivers of that area makes them lean, low in fat and cholesterol and an excellent provider of iron, protein and vitamins. Balmoral venison can only be culled during the stalking season, a requirement of the 1996 Deer Act. They are then hanged for a minimum of three weeks in larders before being dispatched to nationwide distributors. This gives the venison a distinctive flavour that would be expected of animals that are free from additives.


The succulent flavour of the lamb sold year round by Hayes Traditional Butchers is a result of them grazing on the Yorkshire Moors. We also sell Salt Marsh Lamb from Cumbria in June and July only. This uniquely tasting lamb is darker, sweeter and leaner than other varieties. This is because the salt marshes consist of shorter grass which is harder to walk on, meaning more energy is used by the lamb whilst they graze. Another seasonal range is Highland Lamb. This tender, succulent and aromatic variety is sold by us in August and September.


At Hayes Traditional Butchers we are supplied with goat from Cumbria. Also known as chevon, goat is the most extensively consumed meat in the world and in many countries of Africa, Asia and South America is the staple diet. In Europe though it is more of a delicacy and a great alternative to lamb and beef. Goat is lower in cholesterol, higher in iron and of similar calorific value to chicken.


Hayes Traditional Butchers source our Christmas turkeys from Berkshire based Free Range Bronze Copas Turkeys. The turkeys roam around the farm and grow naturally by feeding at their leisure on food free from additives. Tey are slaughtered when they are five to seven months old, compared to two months for the turkeys you get from the supermarket . This means that they are much leaner and have a fuller more succulent flavour.

We also sell the common White Turkey which we source from a farm at Little Hoole, near Preston. These plump and meaty birds are reared indoors in large sheds to protect them from the elements,

Turkey crowns and turkey breast joints are available to buy from us all year round.


Our sausages have won awards in Merseyside and beyond and are made on the premises. We have basic pork and also more unusual but delicious tasting varieties such as black pepper, hog roast and even chippy curry.

Watch Anthony Hayes our master butcher expertly prepare our Old English Sausages.