Allow 25 to 30 minutes for every lb of lamb, then add an extra thirty minutes, cooking it at 190 degrees. Lamb cooks quicker on the bone than off it and a 5lb joint is enough for six to eight portions.






For a boned joint set the oven to 190 degrees and allow 30 to 35 minutes for every lb then another thirty minutes. A 4lb joint should serve six to eight people.







Allow 25 minutes per lb with the oven at 190 degrees. For medium-rare beef, allow 25 minutes per lb then twenty minutes extra, for well done allow 30 minutes per lb then thirty extra. A 4lb joint will serve six people.







Steak tastes best when fried. For a 2cm thick steak allow one and a half minutes each side if you like it rare, two and a quarter for medium, and four for well done. For a 3.5cm steak allow two and a quarter each side for rare, four and a half for medium and five for well done.




chicken leg


If cooking whole chicken set your oven to 175 degrees celsius and allow twenty minutes for every lb, plus an additional fifteen minutes. If you prefer your chicken crispy set the oven to 230 degrees celsius, allow twenty minutes per lb but do not add on the extra fifteen minutes.